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How to annoy your teenage daughter

I so love her style! This is great.

Merbear's World

One of the greatest joys in my life is having a beautiful 16 year old daughter, even though she thinks I am an idiot a good majority of the time.

I have found out, quite by accident really, how many ways there are to annoy her. You might ask, but why Mer?

Because it is fun.

Today I share them with ya’ll.

1. Add the word “sauce” to descriptive words

Thanks to my friend DJ, I now add the word “sauce” to many of my words. Imagine my delight when I realized that this really gets under the teeny boppers skin. It can work for you. It’s a very versatile word and can be used to make anything sound cute.

They hate that shit.

Me: Why are you so grumpysauce today?

Child of my loins: If you say sauce again I am going to fart on you while you…

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