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Ask GrannyK: Cooking

chili“GrannyK, how do you make such wonderful and tasty meals?  Have you always been able to do this and can you teach me?”

Whoa there, young’en!  One question at a time!  First off, thank you for the compliment.  Let me fill in the other folks on a few details and then I will answer your questions.

I recently decided to do some massive cooking.  Since my brother passed, my mother has not been eating well.  Her idea of a meal is two chicken strips.  No joke or exaggeration.  She eats no veggies and little fruit and she has never liked breads.  So, I told her I was in the mood to do some cooking and she was welcome to share in it all.

I hate cooking.  Cooking hates me.  I can screw up boiling water.  Over my many years, I have really tried to cook but it rarely turns out.  My kids used to run screaming in terror when I said I was going to try a new recipe I found.  A friend could use the same recipe and it would be wonderful, but mine would taste like a two-year old just threw in random ingredients.

Then, during my cooking frenzy, I discovered something wonderful!  I made a large amount of the following:  Tuna casserole, chili, split pea soup and spaghetti.  I used our rarely used food processor and loaded each up with pureed vegetables.  You really don’t notice them being in there, but they are there! HA!  Mom will get vegetables!  I put them in small containers so anyone can grab one out of the freezer and have a meal.  And guess what?  THEY ALL WERE EATABLE!  They were actually good!  How did I do it?  I didn’t follow any recipe.  I made it up as I went because I was focused on getting my mother some actual food that will do her good.

Now, I can answer the questions from above.

I don’t have any idea how I made such wonderful and tasty meals and NO I have not always been able to do so!  Can I teach you?  No way.  I will be lucky if it ever happens again!  Maybe the trick is for me to never pick up a recipe again.  All I need to know are the basic ingredients and then I just let my mind flow free and throw it in all willy-nilly.  Kind of like a two-year old.

And this concludes another episode of Ask GrannyK, where I have helped nobody.  I hope you enjoyed it!





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