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My Shopping List

This is what my shopping list normally looks like!


What list, you ask?  Exactly!  I rarely if ever make one.  That could explain why I am feeling lost and out of sorts while grocery shopping.  I wait until I get there to decide what meals I might feel like making.  That is the hard way to do it.  If I made a list, it would be too easy!  Where is the challenge in that?

Here is the list I would really like to make!  I wonder if I will be able to find a store that sells this stuff?

1.  A new hard drive for my brain.  Mine is out of memory.

2.  A tool set that can tighten up some loose spots on my poor old body (keep your minds out of the gutter here).

3.  The poisoned apple that Snow White’s step-mother tricked her into eating.  I haven’t been sleeping well and feel like I could sleep forever!

4.  A tunnel so I can see the light at the end of it.

5.  A rainbow, including the pot of gold that is supposed to be at one end.

6.  A second alarm clock.  If I don’t like the time one alarm goes off, I have a second option!

I could come up with more for the list, but it’s time to take the kids to the park.  They are done eating lunch, so my free time is over!


16 thoughts on “My Shopping List

  1. wow, what a list..
    I could do one very similar 😀

    Great blog..
    I think the fact you want to see the light at the end of the tunnel means you will..

    Shaun x

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