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Writing A Preschool Manual

stack-of-booksToday I started writing about how I do preschool.  I thought it would be a good tool to use when going on interviews.  It sounded simple enough.  I have been doing this for so many years, I just go on auto-pilot and it seems pretty easy.  I keep up with the current requirements and come up with ideas to fit it all in.  No big deal, right?


Boy am I wrong!  Once I started writing it out, it became so confusing and it is not making any kind of sense at all!  I am having trouble organizing it in any way that would be understandable to anyone but myself.  But then, that’s how I function.  I use organized chaos to get through a day.


I am taking a deep breath and making a good old fashioned outline and will write out one skill at a time.  This could take a while and end up being a 1,000 page manual.  Maybe I will tell prospective parents that they have to read it all and approve it before hiring me!  But then, that might be the end of the interview and I will be sent packing.


So, what I think I will do is make a decent outline to give to parents, and write it all out in detail for myself and anyone interested and call it Granny K’s Mad Method of Teaching, or something like that.  Maybe I will get a wild hair and try to sell it as an eBook!  Of course, I’m no real authority on the subject and I don’t have my teaching degree.  I just have 27 years of experience and a pretty good-sized list of names of children who were very well prepared for Kindergarten.  Not meaning to brag, but it is one thing in my life that I have had good luck with, and it makes me happy!


I was just surprised at how involved the whole process really is!  It sounds so simple to say you are going to teach a 2-year-old some beginning math skills, but the actual prep and process takes a little bit of time and effort.  The biggest challenge I face is molding the activities to fit each child.  I have to determine how the child learns and where to begin before I do much of anything!


Hey, wait a minute!  I think I really do have an actual job and earn my money!  I was kind of under the impression that I just played with kids all day long!  What do you know, I just might be a grown up after all.


9 thoughts on “Writing A Preschool Manual

  1. I love that you have arrived at this idea. I wrote a manual when I was retiring because so much was involved with my job. Little did I know how involved it would become.
    This is a GREAT idea. DO persevere. You have a gem to present. An outline is an outstanding starting point, but as you write you shall find more and more information you want to add. Capture it ALL and then tweak. What you take OUT, save to another folder. You might be writing Part 2.

    This is SO exciting. Go. Go. Go. 😉

  2. I’m sure most authors have a jumble of ideas and pieces written here and there before we are buying their best seller! I’m sure you will fathom it all out and once you have laid it all out in some order, you’ll have book signings for sure! 😉
    Just one thing….
    Can you hurry up and write it, as I need a manual!

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