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The Day We Had A “Ball”

This video is at least four years old.  Two of the girls we were watching (sisters) wanted to pretend to be princesses and go to a ball, just like Cinderella.  We didn’t have the appropriate ball type dresses, so they wrapped blankets around their wastes and called it good.  The boys were very willing participants.

I’m sorry the video is such poor quality, but it’s the best my camera can do.  If you stick it out until the end, it is hilarious! Here is the video.  Well, it’s hilarious to me because I know the kids, but it is still cute!


7 thoughts on “The Day We Had A “Ball”

  1. That was adorable. The couple in the back were doing a great job. Too bad the little guy in the front got ditched. He may want to work on his dancing skills a bit.

    • If memory serves me, he was going too fast for her so she decided to do her own thing. Three years later she is still very much a go-getter and does things her way!

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