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I know the title looks like a child sat at my keyboard and just banged out some random letters (except for maybe the editor part), but this is an actual name.  It is eBook creation software.  My son found it and I have been trying it out.  I like it because you type your book right there and it will turn it into the proper format for you.  At least that’s what it’s supposed to do.  I haven’t actually finished anything on it just yet to test it.

Has anyone else tried this or heard anything about it?  This whole eBook creation thing is new to me.  I think my son might run screaming in frustration before this is done.

With this site, you can use it for free as long as your book is 5000 words or less.  That’s really not that many words, once you get started!  Otherwise, it’s $20 per book.  So, I am breaking my writing up into smaller booklets.  I’m not about to spend money on something that isn’t going to make money!  I’m mostly doing it for fun.

I just wanted to get the name out there and see if anyone has used this, or maybe someone is interested in using it!

**On a totally unrelated note:  Sorry I haven’t been reading and commenting much!  We have had a horrible tummy bug going through the house and I am designated nurse.  It put my mom in the hospital and she has been pretty ill for a few days now.  I hope things settle soon and I can read your awesome writing again!**


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