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Update on Papyruseditor

I finished my first booklet (not nearly long enough to be a book) using Papyruseditor, and I must say it was easy to do!  I’m not all techie and know nothing about html or any of that, so it was nice to have something do all the dirty work for me!

When you hit ‘publish’ it converts your book to kindle formats, epub and pdf so you can pick the one you need.  I love simple!

Too bad I’m not a writer or this could be a handy-dandy tool!  Still, it was fun to try to put part of my system into words.  My daughter gave me the funniest look when I told her I called the booklet ‘When Kids Explode’.  It does sound a little gruesome, but it’s about anger in young children, such as tantrums, so I fount it fitting!

I do recommend you check out the software.  It’s free and that is right in my price range!


6 thoughts on “Update on Papyruseditor

  1. Yes, GrannyK, don’t sell yourself short, you write well. Congratulations on the first step. I am sure your brain is in gear now and there will be more to come.
    Thanks for the tip. I plan to check it out. 🙂

  2. Love the title of the book! It does sound messy. 🙂 Thank you for the tip also! I’ll have to check that out. And by the way, you are a writer and a good one at that.

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