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Ask GrannyK: Where Are You?

Well, I have been asked another question that I really need to answer.

“GrannyK, why haven’t you been around much and why do you not post more?”

Good question and here is the answer.  My computer died.  POOF gone in an instant.  It had a good long life; it was seven years old and never had a thing wrong with it.  When it decided to go there was no warning.  I was happily playing World of Warcraft one minute and then just gone the next.

We have a tiny notebook that we all share, so I can use it once in a while, but not on a regular basis.  With tax time right around the corner and self-employment taxes to pay, it might be tricky to gather up finances to get a new computer soon.  I might wrangle a loan from a relative, though.  I hate doing that, but I might break down on this one!

You all have fun and I will read your blogs whenever I get a chance!

Bye bye for now.


One thought on “Ask GrannyK: Where Are You?

  1. I hate that computers have a short life. When I bought my last desktop, the guy at the store wouldn’t believe the last one lasted eight years. “Impossible. They’re built to last only six years.”
    Good luck and enjoy the holidays.

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