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Positive and Negative GrannyK

The positive GrannyK (PgrannyK) and the negative GrannyK (NgrannyK) have a lot of arguments.  They have fought a lot over the last week!

NgrannyK:  Dang it, both computers died within a day of each other!  Why are things always so hard!?

PgrannyK:  Well, you did get a loan from a relative and got a new computer in the mail yesterday!  It’s about a 100 times better than your old one.

NgrannyK:  Yes, but now I owe money!

PgrannyK:  Yes, but you will get it paid off.  You always do.

NgrannyK:  And I have to share the computer!  I can’t use it whenever I want to!

PgrannyK:  You silly!  You have a busy life and there is plenty of time for sharing.  You two will get that worked out, no problem.

NgrannyK:  Stop that!

PgrannyK:  Stop what?

NgrannyK:  Stop working out all of my problems!  It’s getting irritating!  Will you let me be miserable for a while, please?  Can’t I wallow in self-pity?

PgrannyK:  You can be as miserable as you want as long as you are still nice to people.  And , no, no self-pity until you have something to truly feel sorry about.  Now, go enjoy your day!

NgrannyK:  Oh, all right.

So you see, my two personalities argue a lot, but eventually they work things out.  I hope you all work out your differences with yourself, too!


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