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December Hustle and Bustle

Dear GrannyK,

Where have you been?  What is happening in your life lately to keep you from reading and writing for so long?  I have missed you.


Me (GrannyK)

Dear Me,

This has been an eventful month.  I have been very busy with Christmas activities with all the wonderful kids in my life.  We had a lot of art projects and the food drive project we worked on.  Then, my mother had a couple of doctor appointments and now has physical therapy twice a week that I take her to.  Then, I got an abscessed tooth and the infection spread into my sinuses.  I was very ill for about a week!  The end result was a pulled tooth even though I did NOT want to do it.  That was not a fun event!  Today, I had to have my dog put to rest.  His declining health was just getting the better of him.  He was a fantastic pet for all the  18 years we had him.  Goodbye Pepper!  We will miss you!

That is what has been keeping me from reading and writing!  I am slowly finding time here and there to read again, though.


Rest in piece my sweet puppy!


6 thoughts on “December Hustle and Bustle

  1. Thanks for giving everyone an update of what you’ve been doing. thanks so much for your “likes” and comments this past year. It’s been fun. Here’s wishing you a marvelous New Year.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your puppy. Pets are special members of our families and it’s always heartbreaking to lose them. Hoping you have a good Christmas even in spite of all this.

  3. So sorry about your tooth and sweet puppy. Don’t worry, we are here when you come back, so long as we are not also called away—that’s how the cookie crumbles, does it not? Glad to hear you are okay, though and when you are ready…had had…you will once again be a treat. 😛

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