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Living Little House on the Prairie Style, Sort of

Life has been anything but dull around here!  Between injuries, illness and plumbing problems we have all been very busy.  Balancing work, errands and shopping, getting my mother to physical therapy and a score of other chores has left me with very little reading and blogging time!

Things seem to have settled down just in time.  The sewer lines under our house are shot.  They are collapsing and the joints are leaking.  We have running water, but we can’t let any of it go down a drain or it backs up.  So, we are reduced to Little House on the Prairie living.  We have a bedside toilet we now use until it gets fixed.  Such joy and fun and kind of gross.  We have to use buckets and any other larger plastic containers we can find to do such things as dishes, hair washing or bathing.  The water has to be hauled outside and dumped.

We are hoping to have the pipes replaced this week.  If all goes well, we will be back to normal by end of the day on Wednesday!  I hope so!

It could be worse.  How, you ask?  Well, we still have running water and electricity!

Well, that’s my update for now.  I knew you all were wondering where I disappeared to!


6 thoughts on “Living Little House on the Prairie Style, Sort of

  1. Wow – major inconvenience!
    We had to have our septic system replaced a few years ago but fortunately the old one kept working until the new one was installed. The switch over only took a few hours.

    • they have to hand dig under the house and the ground is frozen. They got some done, but the rest has to wait until Monday to resume work! At least we do have running water, so we can manage, but WOW you don’t know how much you appreciate drains and a proper toilet until they are gone! lol

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