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Valentine’s Day Crafts

The kids and I are going to make Valentin’s Day boxes to store the cards they get.  I try to make things simple enough the two-year old can do them, but fun enough to keep the interest of the five-year old.  Hopefully, this will help keep the smaller cards contained to one place and not have them thrown all over the house.  I can dream, can’t I?

We will start with empty (of course they must be empty!) oatmeal containers, or maybe empty cracker boxes.  The other supplies will include a variety of colors of construction paper, scissors, glue and/or glue sticks, tape and crayons.

I will let the kids go wild and create a very fun storage box.  There is no law that says the colors must be mostly red and pink.  Let the kids be creative and do it their way!

We also made some fun Valentine’s Day hats.  I got the idea from Enchanted Learning.

HPIM1768 HPIM1769

HPIM1762 HPIM1771



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