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Oh Fear, you are a heartless bitch!  You take things away from me far too often.  You have me doing things and saying things that I would never do without you.  You make me feel things that are bad.  You make me lonely and tired.  Everything about you is bad!

Or is it…

I suppose that without fear there is no caution.  Caution can be a good thing.  It makes me think things through and helps keep me safe.  It stops me from being stupid (well, some of the time).  It protects me.

Okay, Fear, I guess you can stick around but there must be some ground rules!  Don’t get in my face so much!  Respect the personal bubble space, please.  Appear when I need you, but allow me to work with you so I can see reason.  Do not blind me!  I have to see my choices.  Do not push me into situations that I would never even approach without you screaming in my ears!  Whisper, so I can hear myself think.

Have we got a deal?


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