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Bad Dreams

sleepI have been having very strange dreams lately!  I don’t know if I’m worried about something, angry with someone, or a combination of both that is causing them.  I do know that in the two dreams that seem to want to repeat, I am very angry and frustrated.  Also, I am ill in both.  Here they are.

Dream One:

I am working in a Bed and Breakfast.  There are four or five other employees, and the first day I work there, they all become ill.  They are feverish and having stomach issues.  I am also feeling sick, but I am told I must take over for the day anyway.  I am very angry and keep yelling that I haven’t been trained and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.  Then suddenly I am dusting furniture and feeling very sick to my stomach.  I wake feeling angry and half sick.

Dream Two:

I am travelling at night with my two kids.  We are very tired and it is raining.  I’m not feeling well, and it’s making me frustrated to feel sick.  My daughter says she has a friend that lives nearby, so we go there.  As we go into her house, a dog comes running up and jumps on me, so excited to see me.  To my surprise it’s my dog that I recently had to have put down.  I am shocked and I keep asking “how can he be here?”.  My daughter finally admits that he wasn’t really put down, but they brought him here to live because she and my son both did not like the dog and didn’t want him around anymore.  I was furious!  I am screaming at them.  I wake up feeling sick and very angry.

I have had these dreams multiple times.  They do change a little here or there, but the basic concept is the same.  I know it must mean something, but I have no idea what.  Maybe I don’t want to know!

How have your dreams been treating you?


5 thoughts on “Bad Dreams

    • wow, no dreams? I have vivid ones and lots of them. Maybe that’s why I’m so tired about halfway through the day? It CAN’T be because I’m getting older! No it can’t.

      • I’m no longer a young thang but I sleep well most of the time. Sleep is important tot me. I heard tell it’s good for the skin (especially if you drink a lot…oh, water? is it? and wine doesn’t count? Huh.) and uninterrupted sleep. One out of two isn’t bad. 😦

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