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GrannyK Is Not A Great Runner

Set the scene:  A very nice and mild February afternoon.  Two children and a slightly older (giggle) caregiver frolic merrily at the park.  A ball is batted and the three race to see who will get to the ball first!

Doesn’t that sound nice?  Well, it was kind of nice, but it was also an eye opener.  Mostly, I just let the two children chase after the ball.  On this particular day, though, I decided to race them for it!  The ball flew across the open field, and I just had to try to get there first, so off I went at a flat-out run!  I had my eye on the prize and was pumping my legs and arms furiously!  I was in the lead!  So I thought.  I glanced over my shoulder to see Missy E right on my heals and grinning from ear to ear.  She was trotting along, not putting much effort into it.  At the last-minute, she passed me and grabbed the ball.

fat man running

Kind of looks like me when I run, except I’m not a man…and I don’t wear a red cap…so doesn’t really look much like me.

Oh, GrannyK, why did I do this?  My legs are so stiff and sore I can barely get up and down from the floor when playing with the baby! I guess it’s time to actually work some muscles and do something about this.  I know I’m getting older, but this is just silly!



5 thoughts on “GrannyK Is Not A Great Runner

  1. “Never give up, never surrender.” Words to live by, GrannyK. It’s amazing what a little bit of ‘strength training’ can do for us ‘old gals’ (I’ve been at it two months – nothing excessive, but regular – and the difference is noticeable!). Good Luck.

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