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Ask GrannyK: Meaning of Life

A very wise and profound Modern Philosopher once asked, “What is the meaning of life?”

Or maybe it was, “What is our purpose in life?”

It was something like that, but now I can’t really remember the exact question he proposed.


Well to that GrannyK will smile wisely and settle into her chair as she prepares to answer (yes, I am speaking in third person).  She pauses dramatically for effect and all that.

“”That my friend,”  GrannyK calmly says, “depends upon what you want it to be.”

“But, GrannyK, that is so vague!”  You might say.

“Yes, yes it is.”  GrannyK responds.  “That’s because I can’t tell you YOUR meaning when I am still figuring out mine!  Now, stop asking me silly questions and go live your life!”

There, now the mystery is solved.  Enjoy!

Oh, and check out the above link for other deep questions and whimsical stories!


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