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Eyebrows and Failing Eyesight

A few years ago, I had something new happen.  My eyebrows decided to expand.  I don’t have a uni brow,  but the buggers are sending out shoots all over the darn place!  Suddenly, my eyebrows grew upwards as if they wanted to meet my hair.  I have to weekly pull them out of my forehead.  Then, they decided to grow down as well.  I have to pluck the hairs out of my eyelid!  I am not kidding!

I think if I were to let them go, they would just take over my whole face.  I would soon be a very furry person.  It’s all very strange to me!  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.

250px-Gandalf..._PonderingMy eyebrows now not only grow up and down, but they are getting long!  At this rate, I will have Gandalph  brows.  I now have to dampen them, make them stand up and then trim them!  This is really getting out of control!

The whole eyebrow thing is bad enough, but couple that with my failing eyesight and it’s a recipe for disaster.  My close up vision is going to the crapper, so to do anything detailed, I need my reading glasses.  Well, I dare you to pluck your eyebrows while wearing glasses!  I get started, but things are blurry, so I keep backing up until I’m too far away to do a decent job.  I put on my glasses, but I can’t get my tweezers where they need to be.  It is so frustrating.

Getting older is a challenge, I tell ya!


3 thoughts on “Eyebrows and Failing Eyesight

  1. What a picture you do paint with words here. This is really funny (well, for us anyway, maybe not for you) but am chuckling just thinking of you trying to pluck wearing glasses and how long that would take and probably by the time you finish it’s time to start again. 🙂 Eyebrows a problem, I agree, but things could be worse….maybe not more challenging, but worse things are out there!

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