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Getting Organized (Yeah, Right)

I tend to write about this and that, but mostly the other thing.  In an attempt to organize my thoughts (all two of them), I started a new blog for all of my preschool stuff.  It is called Preschool Is Easy.  I like that name because preschool doesn’t have to be hard, it really can be easy!

Rest assured, this blog will still contain random gibberish that holds no deep meaning.  I wouldn’t want to take that away from you!

I do have another actual and real website, but I keep changing my mind about what I want it to be when it grows up.  I really think it might turn into a humor site for us geezers.  I think life is serious enough and I do enjoy good humor and laughing!  I also have a wee pet blog on Blogger called Dog Tail News.  I wanted to see how Blogger is!  I think I will be busy enough now.

This concludes my public service announcement.  Good luck getting these two minutes of your life back!  *giggle*


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