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How To Scare Your Aging Mother

wchairI know it isn’t nice to scare my aging mother.  I really didn’t do it on purpose!  I blame my career for it!  I think I have been around kids way too much.

I took her to her doctor appointment yesterday.  The appointment was done, and the blood tests taken.  She sat in the wheelchair and I grabbed the handles.  The waiting room was small and I had to turn it all the way around to get out of the room.  Instead of just slowly turning around, I quickly spun around while yelling, “Weeeeeeee!”

My mom held on tight and let out a sound that sounded like, “ACK!”.

I suddenly realized there were people staring bug-eyed at me as if I had lost my mind.  I gave them a sheepish grin and got the heck out of there.  I do things like this from time to time.  I forget I’m not at work and just maybe the adults I’m with do not appreciate sudden bursts of excitement!  Between watching kids for over 25 years and entering my second childhood, I really do make a fool of myself once in a while.

I’m taking her shopping after work today.  I will try to control myself.


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