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More Silly Laws

I know that these might not be real, but I did have some giggles reading them.  Here are a few more state laws that are supposedly still on the books.

1.  New Jersey:  It’s illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder.

Now, go commit murder, just leave the bulletproof vest home, and you will be just fine.

2.  Connecticut:  It’s illegal to cross the street on your hands.

I am so glad I live in Idaho and not Connecticut!  I regularly cross streets on my hands!

3.  Ohio:  It’s illegal to get a fish drunk.

You can lead a fish to beer, but you can’t make him drink it!


7 thoughts on “More Silly Laws

      • There was one that you couldn’t collect your mail or paper in your bathrobe or pj’s up until about 30 years ago. That made me laugh when I heard it.

        There was one about Texas – yeah you can have a concealed weapon in Texas but you can’t wear a concealed weapon to church. Which means I guess you leave the gun at home or you don’t wear a jacket and display the gun for all to see.

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