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The Very Stupid Spider

Spider Stock Photo“Oh silly spider.”  I said as I sadly shook my head.  “Why did you do that?  Did you not want to live?”

A sigh escapes my mouth as I remember the details of what happened.

I was standing at the kitchen counter, preparing breakfast for the two children I watched today.  Missy E (five-year old) was chatting with me.  Something started tickling my cheek.  I thought it to be a stray lock of my ever graying hair, so I shook my head.  Then it happened.

The tickle went up my face, across my eye, over my eyebrow and into my hair!  I had no idea what it was, but I let out a holler and started swatting frantically at my head.  Poor Missy E  jumped and her eyes were so wide I thought they might pop from her head. Luckily, I hit dark blog that ran across my eye, and it fell to the counter.  It was a spider!  It was dead.

Did the spider not get the memo that I DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS??!!  Did it willingly dance across my face so I would put an end to its miserable existence?  Or, maybe it knew I did not like spiders and was trying to give me a heart attack and therefore ridding the spider world of a mortal enemy!

Whatever the reason, there is now one less spider in the world.


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