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Oh Eyesight, I Do Miss Thee

Senior cartoon: Do you need longer arms?

The above picture is what I look like when I read now that I broke my reading glasses.  Except that I’m not a man, that part is not accurate.  The nose is pretty close to actual size (I have a large one), and the barrel tummy is looking right.  I do not have skinny chicken legs, either.  And what’s with those tiny, thin and pointed feet?  My feet are an average size eight.  So, basically just the fact that he is holding the book far from his face is accurate.  I’m off subject.

I first got glasses when I was nineteen.  The prescription was very weak and I was told I could probably do without for a while longer, but for some reason I wanted glasses.  I only wore them to drive at first.  By thirty, my eyes got slightly worse, and I started wearing them all of the time.  For about a decade, my prescription did not change and I had high hopes that things would stay this way.

When I hit the fifty-three year mark, things just went to hell in a hand basket (a saying my mother used a lot.  I really don’t understand the saying, but I will use it anyway).  Suddenly, things were blurry even with my glasses.  I got new ones, but still had trouble with reading.  I discovered I could actually see better for reading without glasses.  That worked for about a year.  Then, I couldn’t see to read with or without my glasses without holding the book at arms length (as illustrated above).  I got bifocals, thinking that I had solved all my troubles!

I’ve had them for a few years now, but I hate them.  I never did get used to it and I have a hard time while walking if I wear them. The ground seems distorted and I stumble from time to time.  I now only wear them for driving and purchased reading glasses from the dollar store.  Those things work MUCH better for reading than the expensive glasses!  The close-up part of the bifocals never did do their job.  Things were still blurry.

Recently, I discovered that if you drop and then step on glasses, they break.   I rushed to the dollar store only to find they didn’t have any!  What is a girl to do?  Yes, I know I can get them in other stores, but I am cheap.  So, I will be off shopping for new reading glasses today as reading is a HUGE thing for me.

If you made it all the way through this incredibly boring post, I am impressed.  It really was just my way of being whiny and I could have just simply stated, “I broke my reading glasses and will go shopping today for new ones”, but where’s the fun in that?

Have a wonderful Sunday!



16 thoughts on “Oh Eyesight, I Do Miss Thee

  1. I got glasses when I was three, can you imagine?! My parents had to start wearing those ‘I’m-crossing-middle-age-now’ glasses in their late 40s (Dad) and early 50s (Mom), and me? THREE!!

  2. I love my dollar store reading glasses. I make sure to have a few pair around. I keep one at the bedside, one at the computer, one in my purse for teaching. At the price, can’t go wrong. 😉

    • I agree! I recently discovered there are now glasses for computer work. They help with close up and mid range and protect your eyes from the glare. I found them at a local pharmacy! I am so going to get some.

  3. I agree, this was a fun post to read. I’ve worn bifocals for many years and have mop problems with them. My husband, however had a lot of trouble adjusting too. I can’t see at any range without my glasses anymore!

  4. Oh, agreed! It was a much more fun post with all these details and complaints! My eyes took the nosedive at 40 and it’s been downhill since then…..every year they add a new “layer” to my multifocals it seems! By the time I’m 80, I probably won’t even have eyes anymore, just layers of lenses out past my nose……

  5. Sorry to hear you broke your glasses and am amazed Dollar Store ones work best for you. I’ve been wearing glasses since the age of eight and now have bifocals for short-sightedness. I prefer to read without my glasses because I don’t hold the book far enough away for proper reading. 🙂

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