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June Has Arrived!

May was a very busy month, both on the home front and at work.  I think it sucked all the life from me.  I was just a shell going through the motions day-to-day and got through it.  I know I missed a lot of wonderful posts from you all, and I sure did not have much time to even think of writing anything.

I hope June will be different!  I will try to jump start my poor old brain!

May went out with a bang.  I was doing some yard work and the dogs were out and running and playing.  Well, our Saint Bernard is a gentle dog, but very clumsy.  There I was, just innocently walking across the back yard when suddenly I was launched into the air!  I mean, my feet left the ground completely.  It was a very odd feeling.  Once second I was walking toward the vegetable garden, and the next I was staring at the ground as it rapidly approached my face!  Luckily, I landed on my chest and not my face.  I think it would have been so much worse if I had landed on my face.  As it was, it all happened so fast, I didn’t have time to react and get my hands out to break the fall.  I hit hard on the chest and all of the air whooshed out of me.  It took a bit to even be able to get my lungs to work again.  To top it off, the dogs thought I was playing and they began jumping all over me.  Molly (the Saint) is a 142 pound dog, and Duke (English Bulldog) is a 66 pound dog.  I’m pretty sure it was Molly who slammed into me.

When I could finally get air and use my voice, I started hollering for help.  My son was in another part of the yard, and he heard me and came running.  He rounded up the dogs and tried to help me up, but my chest hurt so bad, I told him I just wanted to sit there a minute and make sure I was okay.

After a couple of minutes, I did feel better.  I was shaking all over, but was able to get up.  Now, three days later, I still am having pain when I breathe, bend over, or do anything at all with my right arm or leg.  It is better than yesterday, so I know I didn’t do anything too horrible, and I am too stubborn to see a doctor unless I know I HAVE to.

This whole incident really made me realize I’m not so young anymore.  I also learned to not turn my back on two rowdy dogs when they are really hyped up!

June will be better, I just know it!


7 thoughts on “June Has Arrived!

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Granny. It definitely sounds like you cracked a rib or two. Perhaps visit your local pharmacy and buy some ‘binding tape’ and wrap yourself tightly in it to avoid doing any more damage. That and a few days rest should hopefully get you up and around again (maybe you should put some big bells on the dogs!)

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