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WTF?! That Kind of Sums Things Up Recently!

Just this whiny old lady again!  Of course, complaining is one of my hobbies, so…

Last week, I posted about our Saint knocking me off my feet.  I landed (not sure how I managed it) chest first!  Well, a week later I’m still hurting. It’s not horrible, but getting annoying. I didn’t break anything but damaged the cartilage around some ribs.  Lungs, heart and all other things are fine and I can breathe easily (although even breathing causes a sharpish pain), so basically all I can do is wait and be careful to not hurt it further.  Tell that to the kids and infants I watch.  Somehow, I don’t think they will care!


A couple of days ago my right eye starting itching and watering.  I get allergies, so I wasn’t too concerned at first.  Today, I wake up to a very swollen eye that is sealed shut.  I won’t go into any more details because it’s kind of gross.  Oh lucky me, I have conjunctivitis (pink eye).

To add insult  to injury, I have a huge lump above a tooth.  Oh joy and rapture, an abscess!!  I was due to see the dentist on Thursday because I’ve had trouble with this tooth before and we planned on doing a root canal before the infection came back.  Too late!  And, I now am too broke to go because of all the other ailments that needed attention!

So, to sum things up…


Now for the good news.  I got out of all yard work this weekend because I can’t do anything!  I have played games and watched Netflix since Thursday evening.

My next post will be a happy one, I promise!

Oh, and if you see this dog, stay clear!  She is a big, goofy and very clumsy dog.  She means no harm, honestly, but she just doesn’t know her own strength!  Oh, and by the way, the walker in the picture is not mine.  However, I will have to take if from my mom if things keep going the way they have been!

Molly sticking her tongue out at the person who wants to stop St Bernard drool!

HEY!  Is she sticking her tongue out at me?


11 thoughts on “WTF?! That Kind of Sums Things Up Recently!

  1. I love that you found the good bit in all of this too.
    Here’s a new song to put in your head…
    Al-ways look-on the briiight si-ide of life, dee-do, dee-dooby-dooby-doo!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry for you! What a time of it you’re having right now. It sounds like how my life went this winter, just one thing to the next and money flying out the door faster than you can believe. I think the dog is finally figuring out though that with you in pain, his food is slower to come. Hopefully he’s thinking that! Perhaps you could use him as horse instead of graduating to walker?

  3. Here’s to better days! I don’t think you are whiny OR an old lady (as I am hoping to be a granny soon too, I think I can say that). I will look out for this beautiful dog as I myself am goofy and clumsy and we would not make a good combination. lol

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