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Busy and I Love It!

A few of you have asked me to keep you informed on how our small business adventure is going.  Well, more likely than not, you were just being polite and I appreciate it, but I’m updating anyway!

I sure wish I would have started doing pet sitting in the summer years ago.  We have made a tidy sum so far, and we have another job over July 4th!  I love the critters, and so far it has been a very easy job for an aging lady.  My daughter hogged one of the jobs, though, and I’m still pouting.  She cared for a horse, six chickens, two dogs and a cat!  I dropped by almost daily and had a blast.  She lived at the location for ten days and she loved it!

My daughter has a part-time nanny job and I have a full-time one starting mid August.  So, I think the venture is a success so far!  My son will take over the pet sitting while we do our nanny thing!  We just might make it, yet!  So exciting!

Here are a few of the animals we cared for.  The cat, Goose, was hard to get a picture of.  He is a bit shy.  And the chickens, well, are chickens.  Actually, they are quite pretty!

Bella and Sonny

Bella and Sonny




15 thoughts on “Busy and I Love It!

  1. The very best way to have pets…..kind of like grandchildren if you think of it….you have them for a bit, spoil them, and then give them back and the novelty never wears off!

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