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Concerning Poop

Okay, so I get to work this morning and was greeted by two very giggly kids.  The three-year old girl (I will call her Karen), was much louder than normal and was just running around like crazy!  So, in an effort to calm her down, I simply asked what she had done the night before.  A simple question.  Her answer?

“I pooped in the back yard!”

I was at a loss.  That was not anything near what I had expected her to say.  I glanced at her mom to verify this information, and she very lightly nodded her head.

“Why in the world would you do that?”  I had to ask.

Karen giggles.  “Because I had to go and I didn’t want to go in the house.  It’s still out in the back yard.  Daddy didn’t clean it up!  So, we can’t play outside today.”

I thought her mom was going to faint.  She had no idea the mess had not been cleaned up!  At that point, even though it was inappropriate, I burst out laughing.  My daughter did, too.  Oh my goodness, what a start to our day!



13 thoughts on “Concerning Poop

  1. I once interviewed with a family and during the interview their daughter (prob. about 3 or 4) goes outside by the window where we were and decides to literally poop in the grass… the mom’s response “She does that all the time”….

  2. Oh… To be three again. How wonderful it would feel to be that free. 🙂
    (let me just quickly add here, not because I want to poop in the back yard).

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