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Five Things I Must Do Today

listI decided to list the five top things I must do today.  I put them in order of importance.

1.  I must get through the ‘getting for work process’

I truly hate getting ready for work!  I like my work, I just hate the whole doing the hair and make up thing

2.  I must only have one cup of coffee.

Before you say “What?  Why is that on a list?”, just let me say that I am addicted to the stuff and I know more than a cup is not good for me.

3.  I must not be too cheerful when arriving at work.

I tend to get annoying with my early morning cheerfulness and chatting ability.

4.  I must remember to charge my phone.

Always forgetting this simple task.

5.  I must remember that the kids I am watching today are older and I don’t have to remind them to go potty like I did yesterday.  I’m used to watching younger ones, so when I ask a 10-year-old if she has to go potty, I get strange looks.

Okay, I guess I have my to-do list ready, so I am out of the door!  Have a good day.


8 thoughts on “Five Things I Must Do Today

  1. Wow. Now that is some fine itemizing there! You really have it all together. But am thinking perhaps the 10-year-olds could charge your phone for you……this is a good idea, keep them busy and get your phone charged!

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