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I Am Putting Myself Through Care Giver Boot Camp

I have been feeling stiff and weak lately.  I have only myself to blame!  Just getting the dishes from the upper shelf, or putting them away has become a chore.  I am fairly active as I watch children for up to eleven hours a day, but I need to do more!  I have become very out of shape.  In a couple of weeks, I am going to be in charge of three to seven children (depending on if school is in or out of session), and I need to be in better shape if I am going to survive!  The mom is due to have child number eight in December, so I am going to be busy!

Two weeks ago, I started daily exercises.  I started out with ten reps of each one.  I am really focusing on strength and agility.  I have decided the extra 15 pounds might have moved in for a while, so I will deal with it slowly and stealthily.  I don’t want it to see me coming.  I will get it off but I have to wait until it feels safe and BAM!  I will have the last word!


Two weeks later and I am up to thirty reps of each exercise and I already notice a difference!  I just realized today that I can easily reach to that upper shelf and put things away!  I just needed to stretch and get some mobility back.  I am going to keep it up, increasing the amount of reps and maybe adding a few new moves.  This just goes to show you what ten minutes a day can do for you if you stick with it!  I’m very happy.

Now, for the old lady arm flaps, or bat wings as some call them.  I think they are here to stay.  That’s okay.  Kids love them.  They are fascinated by them!  I can use them as weapons if push comes to shove.  Sorry for the disturbing photo!  I’m hoping these buggers shrink as I work on my arms, but I don’t know.  It looks pretty comfy just hanging there.  *sigh*



9 thoughts on “I Am Putting Myself Through Care Giver Boot Camp

  1. Wow! An impressive tale of determination, self-motivation, and self-improvement! Very very good! I think the pic will be a good one to look at in a few more weeks and see how far you’ve come!

  2. Bingo wings they get called here 😦
    Anyway, try this…
    Sit on the edge of the bed, dining room chair, or something of similar height, place the heels of your hands, knuckles forward, on the surface beside you, and walk your feet forward until just your hands are supporting your weight.
    Now lower yourself down and up past the chair surface.
    Alternatively, with your shopping bags one in each hand and your hands gripping the handles in the same position, knuckles forward, raise and lower your shopping as you walk home from town. Remember to lower them slowly as the lifting does the front of your arms and the lowering does the the back.
    I still have my bingo wings when I’m not thinking, but I’m working on them and have got them to the stage where I can pull them up into the rest of my arm if I think about it.
    Good luck, it doesn’t take long to work, but it does need to be done regularly to keep them as far as you get them. 🙂

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