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The Saturday Six: Weird Pregnancy Photos

Oh my goodness! Too much laughter!

 saturday six

 From that first time peeing on the pregnancy test stick to the final pushing of life from the nether regions of your spouse/girlfriend/baby momma, pregnancy is a joyous and hard celebration of our continuing existence of the human race.

Much like other milestones in life, pregnancy has it’s traditional rituals. There is the  buying the ‘What To Expect When Expecting’ Book, picking out names, shopping for the crib, crying, stroller testing, painting of the room, and of course, taking pictures of the oh-so-sexy-and-cute preggers belly.

Maybe not so sexy and cute for the woman who has to lug the newly formed bowling ball now growing inside her stomach, but at some point in time, some one, some where, had decided it was a good idea to take “before” pictures.

Probably a greedy photographer during a slow time between wedding and school picture season.

You never really show the pictures to your kids…

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