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Duke Loves Becky

I love this picture.  Since my brother passed away, his dog has become very attached to my daughter, Becky.  She took over his care when my brother became too ill to do it.  Bulldogs need the wrinkles cleaned a lot, and this guy has a lot of allergies that need to be kept up on.  This is what he does every time my daughter sits on the couch.  It is so sweet!

Hail to the Duke, Baby (his official name)

Hail to the Duke, Baby (his official name)

5 thoughts on “Duke Loves Becky

  1. Never knew that about bulldogs! Very interesting. I have a Bichon and I thought certainly there could be no higher maintenance dog alive..but it seems we are only one of many.

    • Oh man, this bulldog takes a lot of work. He got every bad thing the breed can get, the poor guy. We constantly fight yeast infections with him and he is allergic to tons of food! It’s a challenge sometimes.

  2. Animals have such personalities. Funny how they attach themselves to a certain person. Sweet.
    I have two granddaughters. My cat l.o.v.e.s. the younger of the two. Follows her around and rolls around, wanting to play. 🙂

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