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Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

First of all, thank you for all that you do.  I have always admired your work and dedication.  Well, most of it.  Sometimes, you can be a little harsh (examples: hurricane, tornado, flood, etc.), but I guess we all throw tantrums once in a while.  I mean, who doesn’t have a bad day, right?

I was very relieved to have the rain yesterday and in the night.  Not only does our poor state need the moisture, but it is nice to have slightly cooler temperatures!  I do, however, have one teeny tiny request.  Can we not have so much lightening and thunder to go along with the rain?

That silly lightening started fourteen fires, which is not good.  I’m all for working hard and being successful, but talk about an over-achiever!  Also, the noise kept me up for three hours last night!  Now, I am going to be sleep walking my way through the day, and that’s not good when watching children.  Is it okay if we have a little quiet time tonight?

Please think it over and I hope you see it my way.  I would really appreciate it.

This is me right now.   Please don’t make me be like this tomorrow.  Thank you for listening.tiredme





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