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What happens when you just run out…

Out of energy

Out of empathy

Out of reasons

Out of emotions

What happens when time is endless?

You look for that light

But it’s not there

You listen for a voice

That you will never hear

You look for an answer

But nothing is clear

What happens when you just run out?


14 thoughts on “Out

  1. I love your posts and I am awarding you the Lovely Blogger award. It’s an easy one and I hope you’ll take time to complete it. I know life is chaotic (especially right now), but I’d really be interested in learning 7 new facts about you and I think the rest of the blogosphere would too! Info is on my Awards Page along with the award for you to copy and put on your own site.

  2. I’m with Silver Threading on this one… You blog, you have a good while and then we all tell you how wonderful you are and you feel better. πŸ™‚
    Oh and you need a cup of tea and a biscuit too, my Nana always worked wonders with a “nice cup of tea”.

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