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I Am Going To Be A Power Blogger!

I have heard of power blogging.  I’m not sure I fully understand it.  I think it just means going full out and building a big audience and posting a lot? Push those posts through and write about whatever you think people want to see?  That sounds right to me.  It could be fun!  It might annoy some people and that’s one of my super powers!  I will start heated debates about today’s biggest controversies.  Since I’m around kids all day long, five days a week, the topics might not be as serious as some of you might like, but that’s the way it has to be!

Disney Winnie the Pooh Clipart - Disney Clipart Galore Skipping VS Running! Come on now, is there really any question here?  Skipping wins hands down every time!  Who can settle for the drudgery of running when a merry skip can be done!  Picture yourself happily skipping down the street, ignoring the bewildered stares of those you pass.  Which do you prefer?

  Nose wipe on a sleeve, or on someone else’s clothes:  You might wonder why I would even debate this, but apparently in a child’s world this is a decision that must be made.  A lot of kids choose their own sleeves to any tissue.  I much prefer this to the other choice that is made by some.  I have had kids rub their nose on my arms or shirt.  I am not making that up.

 Eating your food, or feeding the dog and then complaining of being hungry:  I would just eat my food, but in the mind of a three year old, the latter choice is the best one.  Feed the dog and giggle a lot while doing it.  When the caregiver warns that if you feed the dog your lunch, you will be hungry, just shrug and keep doing it.  After the food is gone, cry because you want lunch and it’s gone.  I assume this is a valid choice, because it has been repeated.  Which would you choose?

Come on now, I know you are dying to join in the debate on these very serious issues of today!  Don’t be shy!

And, I probably won’t be a power blogger, but I am going to try writing a bit more often!


12 thoughts on “I Am Going To Be A Power Blogger!

  1. Energy bats taste like bad candy bars and don’t give any energy. I opt for an actual candy bar and a soda when I want a pick me up but I’ve been told such habits contribute to my weight issues. A debate topic my 9 year old has held dear since feeding himself and STILL not let go: napkins vs clothes. He eats partly w utensils, partly with his hands and then wipes his hands on the sides of his tee shirt and the legs of his shorts. *sigh*

    • Yep, that sounds about right. A lot of very young kids will hold a fork in one hand and then use the free hand to eat with! I always giggle at that one. I bet they wonder why they have the silly fork!

      • Lol. I was told that that’s how I ate as a very young child. Especially favorite messy things like pasta. Apparently the only part that stayed clean was the fork holding hand.

  2. Skipping, most definitely skipping. It puts a bounce in your step and a smile on your face, I challenge anyone to skip without smiling. 🙂
    Runny nose. can I throw another option into the melting pot? Being slightly older than three and not wanting the tell-tale slug trail to show on my sleeve, also being old enough to consider the other wearers feelings about green slime, how about lifting the front of your jumper and wiping your nose on the inside where you can get a good satisfying wipe without it showing? 🙂
    And sorry dog… no chance. 😀
    But I’m guessing this last one is because I’m really slightly more than just slightly more than three. 🙂

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