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Another Debate Topic: One More Minute

“Just one more minute”

I hear this one a lot.

“Time to get in the car and get to school”

“Just one more minute”

“We need to get shoes on now, or we will be late!”

“One more minute, please!”

“Your dad will be home in a few minutes, so maybe you should get your room cleaned.”

“Just a minute!”

And so on and so on.  My question  is this…how many minutes to kids think they have?  There are only so many of them in a day, and they can’t reserve some for when they want more time.  I do give warnings before the deadlines, so it’s not like they don’t know change is coming.

Should we do things when the time comes, or beg for one more minute?  That is my question to you.  The floor is now open for debate.


8 thoughts on “Another Debate Topic: One More Minute

  1. Am thinking if they’re willing for it to go both ways (i.e. if they’re being punished for a 5-minute time out or something and you need an extra minute before you release them, etc.), then sure…give them the extra minute!

  2. Nope, no extra minutes. Maybe a warning a few minutes before the time is up, but no extra minutes after.
    Punctuality is a rare talent these days, and it’s a very sourt after commodity. 🙂

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