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Proof of my Exciting Life

listMany people don’t realize what an exciting life I lead.  I thought I would share my to-do list for today for proof that my life is more exciting than yours!  Read at your own risk!  I am not responsible for your jealousy.

1.  Eat breakfast

2.  Trim my bangs and my son’s hair

3.  Clean the house

4.  Go for a walk

5.  Prepare preschool activities for the week

6.  Pack a lunch for tomorrow

7.  Eat another meal sometime during the day.  Food rarely excites me, I eat because I have to.  It costs too much to eat so it’s annoying.  But I digress..

8.  Read a little and then go to bed

So, there you have it.  Another fun-filled Sunday!  Enjoy yours!


13 thoughts on “Proof of my Exciting Life

  1. Except for not cutting anybody’s bangs, I’m pretty much your shadow… um…maybe not making lunches and preparation of school activities. Oh and another thing, I can hardly keep my head out of the fridge and I’m too lazy to go for a walk most days. See! We could be twins.
    😀 😀

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