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Zan wants CAKE!

One of the boys I watch  turned 4 on Monday.  When his dad got home, he asked Zan what he wanted for dinner.  It is tradition in that family for the birthday person to pick the dinner.  The conversation went something like this.

Dad: “What do you want for dinner?  You get to pick.”

Zan: “Chocolate cake!”

Dad: “Not dessert, dinner.  Cake is for after dinner.”

Zan: “Chocolate ice cream!”

Dad: “No, not treats!  We need food for dinner.  What dinner would you like to eat BEFORE your cake and ice cream?”

Zan: “Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake!”

Dad sighs and shakes his head.  “We could have hamburgers or pizza, or…”

Zan: “Pizza!”

Dad brightens.  “Pizza?  So pizza for dinner then?”

Zan: “Where is my cake?  Can I have my cake now?”

Another sigh from dad.

I had to leave about then, but as  am leaving all I hear over the roar of 7 children playing is Zan yelling about his cake.


4 thoughts on “Zan wants CAKE!

  1. Where is it written that you have to have dinner before cake?
    I’m with Zan on this one. 🙂

    My parents and sister came to visit recently, my sister stayed with me and my parents stayed in Mum-in-law’s guest room. My girls came round to visit the following morning and conversation turned to what everyone had eaten for breakfast. Toast, cereal, cooked breakfast, the usual stuff, until it came to my turn and I said we’d had jelly for breakfast.
    My mum looked displeased, but my daughter just grinned and said “it’s nice to know I never have to grow up”. 😀

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