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Onion Cutting

I came across this (dailyhaha.com) and what a great idea!  Some people are just plain brilliant!

I have tons of trouble cutting onions.  They kill my eyes.  I not only tear up, my eyes gush rivers.  It burns and hurts and my eyes will even puff up.  But, I do love onions! What do you think?  Would this be a viable option, or a little over the top?

Chopping Onions`


9 thoughts on “Onion Cutting

  1. I’ve just always heard “cut onions face down” to prevent the fumes from bothering your eyes … so far it’s worked for me. BUT of course, if someone is so sensitive to onion fumes, then, yeah go for the motorcycle helmet! 🙂

    I always keep my onions in the fridge so … I don’t know how close this is to freezing but I’ve never had problems but you could always put the onion in the fridge for 15 mins, turn on your vent fan, chew some gum and soak the onion in water for 15 mins — I started soaking onions recently not due to the fumes but to take the strong taste away from the onion and make it juicier!

  2. I love it! Not only would it help, but it would also make cooking look much more adventurous. When I remember to, I freeze the onion for a short while before cutting it. That freezes the juices, so that they don’t spray out as you’re cutting the onion.

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