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Cold and Writing, a Good Combonation

I woke up in the night with a sore throat and aching all over.  Not too surprising since I watched a child with the boogers from hell last week.  I was hoping all of my hand washing would save me, but alas, no.  It’s hard NOT to catch a cold when a sick child sneezed directly into your face.  Surprise GrannyK!

So, I stayed in my pajamas today (something I hate doing) because I just didn’t want to get dressed!  Although, they are very warm and toasty and the day is heating up, so I see cooler clothes in my near future.

While trying to decide what to do with myself, I decided to start writing again.  I have an old story that I am redoing.  Like all of my writing, it is a short story.  I’m just not up to a novel.  Maybe someday I will give that a try.  Anyway, I got the first draft about a third done this morning.  I had to stop because the arthritis in my hands started swearing at me.  So, I stopped and now I’m doing a blog post?  How is that smart?

I am going to keep at this story.  I will find someone with actual grammar skills to help me through the rough stuff and then I will turn it into an ebook.  If I keep it under 4000 words, Papyrus Editor is free.  If I go over I have to pay!  I will see where it turns out, but it’s already about 1800 words.

I hope you all are having a decent Sunday.  Relax and enjoy before the work week begins!



11 thoughts on “Cold and Writing, a Good Combonation

  1. I DELIBERATELY have ‘jammie’ days every once in a while (sometimes when I’m sick; sometimes when I’m not) just to get caught up on my rest, readings, and a little writing. When you get your story done, I’d can help you with grammar, etc. (I do some editing ‘on the side’). You can contact me privately through my email: theothersideof55@gmail.com. Good luck with the writing

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