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Short Story Finished!

I finished my short story I mentioned in an earlier post.  It’s actually a story I wrote a few years ago.  I based it on a person I knew years ago, but of course most of it is pure fiction.  Now, I just need a little time to get over my fear of sharing before posting it or sharing in any way.  Most likely, it will sit in Dropbox for a while.  It’s pretty comfy there in Dropbox Land, so it’s all good.  The story name is Closet Secrets, by the way.

I’m now starting on another short story that I also wrote many years ago.  I read a book by Stephen King and in it was a challenge.  He gave a title and a little information on what the story should be about.  I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the book.  I might even still have it in the shed, if I bother to dig around a while.  The story name was to be Dick and Jane, and they are a married couple who are going to have problems.   I wrote the story and liked it, but eventually threw it away.  I still remember the main story and the main characters, so I am rewriting it.  I mean, my other story needs company in Dropbox, right?  I did change the name to Janet’s Day.

I also learned something important.  My eyes have gone to hell in a handbasket.  I am going to make getting some new glasses priority.  They feel like they are being pulled from their sockets and I have had tons of headaches lately.  I think it’s due to eye strain, and I have spent a lot more time on my computer lately.  I don’t know why I thought you might like to know this, but there it is.  You have been informed!

It does feel very good to be writing again, it’s been a long time since I’ve even tried.  It is a huge stress reliever!  I don’t even care that they aren’t that great.  I just have stories in me that want to get onto…was going to say paper, but that probably won’t happen.  They are begging to be in DROPBOX!  haha!

Thanks for reading, have a great Sunday.

HA!  A surprise and scary Halloween photo!  It freaks me out that it is actually me.  Who is that witch, really??

HA! A surprise and scary Halloween photo! It freaks me out that it is actually me. Who is that witch, really??


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