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Ask GrannyK: Coffee

chocolate-top-cream-and-coffee-100173603I know some of you are just dying to know things.  Since I know just about everything, I thought I would pre-answer a question that is on the minds of all.

“GrannyK,” you might ask, “Why do you love coffee so much?”

“Well,”  I will answer, “There are several reasons.”

“1.  Coffee is either good or bad for you, depending upon which article you read.  I do so love something that keeps me guessing!

2.  Coffee is yummy, unless you water it down too much like I did today.  Then, it’s basically dark colored hot water.  Also, don’t put too much coffee in the pot unless you want your hair and toes to curl.

3.  If you like your alone time in the morning, drink coffee!  I find it can give you stinky breath, so people will stay out of your personal space bubble.

4.  I get my exercise when I drink coffee.  I can burn it fast to the bathroom and do so regularly after a couple of cups of coffee.”

5.  There is something cool about holding a steaming cup of coffee and chatting.  It makes me feel like I’m an adult.

So, you see…there are reasons to drink the stuff.”

This concludes another valuable life lesson from GrannyK.


10 thoughts on “Ask GrannyK: Coffee

  1. I like strong coffee with heavy whipping cream and just a touch of sugar. Something about that morning coffee gets me out of bed in the morning. It’s warm, The steam comforts me and I write my morning pages happy! Fun post. Thank you.

  2. So now I’m confused. Is it okay to drink coffee or not? I love the smell of it first thing in the morning and drink it all day long. Black. I don’t like to mix my drinks. What about you, grannyK? How do you drink yours? I want to learn the right way to drink coffee. o_O

    • I stare at the coffee maker and wait for it to be done. I then pour that liquid wonder into my cup and drink it black! I don’t know if coffee is good or evil. I have read articles going both ways. I figure it’s worth the risk LOL. I only have it once a day.

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