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Friday Blues

Yesterday started out terrible.  Something tragic happened and it upset me to the point I was cranky and pouty.  I can’t use words to describe it so I will show you in another way.

Coffee at HOME  +  GrannyK at WORK  = GRUMPY

mad person







I left my beautiful travel mug full of coffee sitting alone and unwanted at home!  How could I have done that to my friend?

I am making up for that today with a full pot of coffee (that I am forced to share with others) and I am sweet talking it.  I think I’ve smoothed over the hard feelings.

Today I am going to travel the fifty miles to see my mom’s new home.  She is so excited!  I am in a much better place now that my best friend (coffee) is with me.  Have a great day all!



9 thoughts on “Friday Blues

  1. I know what you mean. Although my vice isn’t coffee I’m well aware how much control my iPod has over me. When I a leave out for work and it’s left at home- I must do a U-turn and come home to retrieve it. Without it, an 8 hour day suddenly feels like 12. Never again. Lol.

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