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Lovely Visit

A month ago, my mom moved into her new trailer.  She has done a fantastic job of decorating and she is so happy there.  Our house has been so very quiet since she and the dogs have moved out.  Yesterday, we made the trip of 50 miles to see her new place.  It was a great lovely visit.

The dogs went nuts when we arrived.  All you saw was dog flying through the house, crashing into everything!  The sound of their toenails sliding on the floor was something else.  I’m glad they didn’t scratch the new wood floor!  We missed them and they missed us, so it was wonderful to see them again.  And my mom, wonderful to see her too of course!

She doesn’t like her picture taken, so I won’t put a new photo of her on here, but I did get a shot of the dogs!  After they had calmed down, of course.







10 thoughts on “Lovely Visit

  1. Molly is such a big girl. Oh my. My little heart raced as the dogs scampered all over the place. Hope nothing was valuable was broken. Indeed, I might have mentioned this previously. Your mom and you are two peas in a pod. Gorgeous.

    • She did wear herself out, completely! She really loves my son and she would not leave him even for a minute the entire visit. If he looked like he was going to move at all, she jumped up and was alert! So cute.

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