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I Completed My Chore List For Today Already!


I feel so productive!  I had a list of things to do today and I am already done with it.  It was such an important list, too!

1.  Spend hours trying to make an important decision and get more confused than ever.  CHECK!

2.  Decide if you want to keep your other Granny Reports site and if so DO SOMETHING with it!  CHECK! (I fixed an error)

3.  Decide if you want to watch Netflix, play World of Warcraft or Clean the house.  CHECK! The house is clean

4.  Stare at nothing and get nothing productive done.  CHECK!

5.  Eat way more than you should, and make sure the food will upset your stomach.  CHECK!

6.  Make a few important phone calls. SEMI-CHECK! I picked up the phone and thought about it

7.  Do laundry.  CHECK!  All dirty clothes are in the hamper.

8.  Write a post that gives no useful information.  CHECK!

Chores are done.


13 thoughts on “I Completed My Chore List For Today Already!

    • lol nope, no cutting of the hair yet! That photo is a year old. My hair is now past my shoulders which would be fine if it was not so thin! But, now I’m curious how long it will get!

  1. I’m moving along on my list today. I have friends coming for lunch on Monday so must get chores done so the place is not too disreputable.

    As for fruit cakes, I bought a particular brand for a few years at Whole Foods. It was so delicious, but the last time I picked one up, about 3 years ago, I nearly fainted at the price–$17 for a cake about half the size of the ones I make. That’s when I realized I could do just as well and for a lot less money. Well, I do spend a lot on the ingredients, and the time is considerable to make them, but, heck I’m free!

  2. Hmmm…. I thought I was the expert at blowing off an entire day. Got some catching up to do, I see.
    Note: My “schedule” doesn’t technically exist, so I go from doing nothing to going all-out as soon as the phone rings.

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