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Funny and so True!

I wanted to share this.  I can so relate to it!  Kids will cry about, well, almost anything.  I deal with similar things on a daily basis.  There are a lot of pics here, but I hope you can stick it out and look at them all.  I love the ones about the cheese, the pennies and the Chucky movie!

crying for no reason funny picture

from dailyhaha.com


7 thoughts on “Funny and so True!

  1. I like and don’t like. I see parents thinking frequent crying from young children not getting what they want is normal. It may be common, but it is not normal. My children didn’t do it. When I was a kid, the toddlers I babysat for didn’t do it.

    My kids didn’t expect things. We never bought them anything in stores when they were with us, unless we were on vacation or a special trip. We never bribed them with treats to behave. They were expected to behave.

    We did give surprise treats for no reason: cuddle attacks, books, day trips, drawings, cookies…

    One of my sons tried a tantrum in public once. I sat down with my other son and read him a book I had brought and waited until the screaming was over. No three-year-old is going to going to be the boss of me (except when I let her/him feel like s/he is).

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