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Being Angry With Style

This poor blog is so dusty!  I shelved it when life became way too busy.  Life is still busy, but I miss reading and writing so here I am!

I am working with a family of eight boys.  The age range is from 2 months to 13 years.  At first it seemed a bit overwhelming, but now it just seems like a normal setting.  I guess you can adjust to most things.  One thing I find entertaining is the 4-year-old when he is angry.  I know he is trying to best me, but he just cracks me up!  Here are two examples…

Zan’s mouth was running overtime on this day and he was being very sassy.  I finally just calmly told him he was to go to his room and spend some time thinking about the way he was acting.  His reaction?

“GOOD!  I need some alone time!  It’s all good!”  he storms upstairs to his room.

I had a good giggle at that one.

A few days later, he was in mess mode.  Dumping bins of toys on the floor and leaving them.  I told him he had to pick up everything he dumped before he was allowed to do anything else, including eat lunch.  His reaction?

“GOOD!  I love picking up! LOOK, I’m picking up!”  his face was red with anger as he slammed things into containers.

He thinks he’s upsetting me, but man oh man he makes me chuckle!


20 thoughts on “Being Angry With Style

  1. Well I enjoyed reading about the little 4yr old. My eldest was like that but when your mum it’s harder to see the humour. Well all three boys grew up and I am a grandma now. You must be a home help, I did not realize that, that job still existed. You sound great at your job which is a very important one. Maybe you are a nanny, either way I love your style. Be well and happy. xxx

    • Thanks! I am a nanny. I currently work for two families. One has two children, boy and girl…the other family has eight boys, ranging in age from 2 months to 13 years. I do get my exercise!

  2. My youngest grand daughter loves to dump as many toys on the floor as possible, to give herself an endless buffet of choices of what to play with. She then refuses to pick them up until we threaten to toss stuff in the garbage. It’s deja vu of the days with her mother.

  3. My daughter now has a terrific sense of humor. But when she was 4, she’d turn beet red with “angry,”
    and when she raged, something was going to get hurt. Now, she’s the best mother ever, with a loving heart. I’d rather see children get it out of their system early, than be angry adults. 🙂

  4. Hah! How could you even possibly keep a straight face with reactions like that? Those are classic! But I’m sure with 8 of them, you are really stretched at times to maintain your sanity. Just be glad they aren’t all teenagers right now! LOL! Glad to have you back on here, you have been missed!

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