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A Marriage Proposal, Kind Of

So, the almost 6-year-old i watch came home from Kindergarten giggling yesterday.  One of his friends on the bus asked whose car was parked outside his house.  He told him it was his babysitter’s car.

“You know what I told him?”  Bray asked, giggling.

“What’s that?”  I responded, not knowing what was to come.

“I told him I’m going to marry my babysitter!”  Laughing hysterically.

So, this morning when he gets up, I am going to ask him if he got me a ring yet!  I want the ring, dangit!  A fifty-one year age difference isn’t so bad, right?  Haha!



4 thoughts on “A Marriage Proposal, Kind Of

  1. Hey! A proposal is a proposal any way it comes in my book. Tell him, since you’re engaged now, he needs to be either doing the cooking or taking you out for dinner! 🙂 Gotta train these young ‘uns up right!

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