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Too Many Posts? I Think Not!

A blog I love and follow, The Return Of The Modern Philosopher, has been cutting back on posts.  Why, you might ask?  Because Austin has been told by some that he posts too much!  Nonsense!

Unless WordPress is threatening with suspension for spamming, there is no reason to cut back on posts.  If someone doesn’t like how often a person blogs, then they need to unfollow or just not read.  I don’t think someone has the right to tell a person to stop posting so much.

I greatly enjoy the Modern Philosopher, and he has real talent.  His posts range from his daily adventures to wonderful and creative stories!  He has a talent for expressing his “deep thoughts” as he calls them, in seemingly whimsical and entertaining stories.  Some might be fancy, but I suspect they hold much deeper meaning than he wants to admit.

Now, go forth and read people!  And judge not harshly, lest GrannyK  jumpeth down upon you with her mighty wrath!

Blog on, Austin, blog on!


6 thoughts on “Too Many Posts? I Think Not!

  1. Thanks for the blog love and support. I guess I will just keep on writing when I want to write, and simply hope that readers will read when they can. Perhaps I should offer a service that allows people to come to The House on the Hill and I can read the blog to them??? 🙂

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