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Weed Killer!

Yes, I am the weed killer.  Mild mannered (yeah, right) GrannyK is after weeds and she means it!

A friend on Facebook posted a recipe for weed killer that is effective but kind to the planet.  It’s probably a lot better for the cats that are roaming around, too.  I hope it isn’t so gentle on the raccoons.  Raccoons are adorable and have a right to exist, I know, but they are causing me lots of trouble!  They attack our cats and eat their food.  They drag things off our front porch and some of those things are just gone.  I know it is the raccoons doing it because I have caught them red-handed!  **shakes a fist at the sky**  Stop it raccoons!

Sorry, this post is about weed killer, not raccoons.

We have a lot of goat head weeds here.  Those buggers are not fun.  They get huge around here, and will actually flatten a car tire.  Rarely, but it did happen to us once.  My son’s bike tires are forever in repair mode because of them, and he tries to be so careful.  I bet the raccoons planted them.  **shakes a fist at the sky**  RACCOONS!


The recipe for the weed killer is…8 cups white vinegar, 1 cup epsom salt, and 2 tablespoons blue Dawn dish soap.  It MUST be the blue one.  Don’t ask why, I just know several people have told me this, and they sounded serious so I didn’t argue.  I didn’t want that much just to test it, so I was forced to use math to reduce the amount to fit into a squirt bottle.  I picked a section of my driveway that is unusable because of the goat heads.  I started out okay, spraying them enough to cover them completely.  Then, something happened and I felt anger welling up inside of me.  I ripped the lid off the spray bottle and started pouring the weed killer on those weeds.  I heard someone yelling, “DIE EVIL SPAWNS”!  I think it might have been me.

Shaking a little from the overwhelming emotions, I went back into the house to resume my day.

Later in the afternoon, I went to check on the progress.  Here are some before and after pictures.  How do you like me now, evil plants!  It is working!

Healthy and happy goat head weeds

Healthy and happy goat head weeds

Not feeling so hot now, are you!?

Not feeling so hot now, are you!?


11 thoughts on “Weed Killer!

  1. I know your post is about weedkiller … but the raccoon part interested me.

    Here are a few interesting links about raccoons:

    The following article is about the RELATIONSHIP of CATS and RACCOONS. Most people naturally assume that raccoons simply kill cats … not so true. Read on … http://www.knowyourcat.info/lib/catvsraccoon.htm

    TOP 1O RACCOON MYTHS: http://www.raccoonworld.com/raccoonmyths.html

    *IF* you have the time Granny, there is a PBS special all about raccoons, called RACCOON NATION. It’s not only informative, but interesting. I’ve posted the link here in case you’d like to watch it (running time 53 minutes).

    RACCOON NATION (PBS): http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/raccoon-nation-full-episode/7558/

    I’m not some sort of “raccoon lover”, and I know that they cause a lot of dug up holes, get into trashcans and cause fear for our beloved cats and dogs. The above listed documentary sheds some light on the myths and mysteries or these mostly nocturnal creatures. People want to get angry at the raccoons, dear, mice, coyotes, possum, skunk, etc. … not realizing that WE are really in their homeland too!

    I would never recommend any raccoon as a pet by any means … they’re only trying to survive … like most of us … including the weeds! Kill those weeds Granny! You go! I like your natural, and economical approach too! 🙂

    • I get frustrated with the raccoons, but I don’t really hate them lol. They do run our cats off the porch to get to the food, though, and I can’t afford to feed our cats, the strays AND raccoons lol. When I go out, the big one leaps off the porch, turns around and scolds me! Thanks for all of the info, it might be interesting!

      • The 53 minute video program really is interesting if you have the time to watch it. I was amazed at the “inner-city” life of raccoons, and how many times they showed the coexistence of cats with raccoons — it was simply informative.

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