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The little stray that showed up a year ago as a kitten herself has babies.  Of course, she had them on our porch, because that is where all the strays have kittens around here.  We decided to put a collar on the mom and will have her fixed  soon.  She went from being very wild to almost driving us nuts with love and affection!  We can’t pick her up without being shredded, but she rubs all over us and lets us pet her.  Lately, she has been running into the house when we get home from work.  I think we have been adopted.

Here are the kittens.  They are now four weeks old and so adorable!  It’s not easy finding homes, but I hope we can get them someplace safe.  The landlord prefers no pets, but he has been kind to let us keep our cat and my mother’s cat.  I bet he won’t notice one more.  **giggle**

HPIM1966 HPIM1965


9 thoughts on “Kittens!

  1. I used to envision myself spending my ‘old age’ as the ‘crazy cat lady at the end of the road’ – then I met my husband and took him in instead and settled on just a couple of cats (I’ve had up to 3; right now I ‘only’ have 2). I’ve turned down volunteer requests at the Humane Society – and I avoid the ‘Adoption’ aisle at the pet food stores – because I just want to bring them ALL home. Every cat deserves a house and people to spend time with. Good for you to taking the ‘mom’ in; I hope you find homes for all the kittens (I wouldn’t be able to give them away … LOL)

    • It is hard to see them go, but go they must. I have a soft spot for animals. As much as I complain about the big old raccoon that invades our porch, he now has his own food bowl that I set out in the side yard LOL. He was happily munching when I left for work this morning.

      • Years ago there was a raccoon my kids nicknamed “Kitty” because we fed her the cats’ (expensive) cat food (she’d come right up to the back door and look in as if to say ‘Here I am, where’s the food?’). I had another one at this house who came around for years with her ‘kits’ (one year she had seven babies!!!); she’d sit and look up at me (on my (second storey deck), knowing I’d send food down (unfortunately she was killed by a car several years ago; I cried like crazy). I’d definitely have a houseful of pets if I didn’t have a husband!

    • It helps that we have known him for 28 years. But, I still follow all the rules. Except maybe sneaking the cats in the house for a while each day LOL

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