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My Old Time Picture

This might be an odd post for me, but one I must do!

I have never been pretty.  All through my school years, I was reminded daily just how ugly I was considered.  It can really do a number on you and affect your life.  I am still scared when I meet new people for fear they are thinking, “HOLY CRAP ugly!”

But, even though it enters my mind, it doesn’t hold the power over me it once did.  I did find a wonderful man who did not care one bit how I looked.  He loved me!  I had three wonderful children.  Over the years, I just started to mostly shrug it off.  If someone doesn’t want to get to know me because I’m not considered pretty, then they are not really worth knowing, anyway.

I was going through some photos of me, trying to decide upon one to use for an avatar, and decided to post this.  I never use my real picture because, well, the silly cartoon woman I use might look better to most!  But today, I don’t care!  I am going to post this picture that I have.  It was taken about a year ago, and right after a kind of bad haircut (lol), and I made it into an ‘old’ photo on Gimp.  I figured an old photo for an old lady sounded right!

Now, I’m not posting so people will comment or say things they might not mean.  I am what I am, and I have accepted that.  I just decided to be brave and push myself past my comfort zone.  I have been doing that in other areas of my life, too.  I figured I better do it before it’s too late!  I am fifty-seven years old and I don’t have tons of time for limit pushing!

I actually like the picture at the top of my blog better.  The one with my mom.  I LOVE that photo and I am so glad I have it!  It was a fun day.  We went to a tea party that a six year old hosted.  Our goofy hats and matching shirts were awesome!

Have a wonderful Friday, my WordPress friends!

I am smiling even though they massacred my hair!

I am smiling even though they massacred my hair!


15 thoughts on “My Old Time Picture

  1. This is going to surprise you. Your second paragraph? If you change the first sentence to “I have never THOUGHT I was pretty.”, the whole paragraph applies to me, too. No one ever told me I was pretty until 2006, when my divorce lawyer–a woman–said it. I was 50 years old. My family had trained me to consider myself ugly, I acted like I was ugly, boys at school said I was ugly, when I was maid of honor for my sister, the best man kept telling me how ugly I was…and so on. So even now, when I believe that lots of men think I look pretty, I will never see or feel what that is like. (I used to pray to God, crying, to please, please make me plain.)

    Why tell you about me? Because I want you to know I will not lie to you. It hurts us too much.

    You are not ugly like you think you are. I don’t know what you looked like as a girl, but I bet you have changed. Because you have a long face, and a high forehead, you may have needed to grow into your face. Plus, with such faces, it is easier for eyebrows and hair to make a difference.

    Every aspect of you not be considered classically beautiful. But you are FAR from ugly. You are above plain, too. There is much in your face which IS beautiful:

    Your eyes are very beautiful. They have a large, generous, shape–both the eyes themselves, and the area surrounding them, and they are bright like a young person’s–like a woman in her 20’s or 30’s, not someone in her 50’s. They are wide- and deep-set–things that are looked for in model’s eyes. I am sure people have told you how lovely your eye color is.

    You are lucky in the shape of your brows. They are the perfect shape for shaping, if you get my meaning. No massive furry creatures, no puny nothings, and no odd flying wings. Just perfect looong arches.

    The shape of your mouth is gorgeous, and sexy–especially the dip your top lip takes, like a generous heart. People pay plastic surgeons to put a cupid’s bow dip in like that.

    Your hair is in fantastic shape–so shiny, and you can see how it would swing as you walk, with the right cut! I imagine the rich brown it is, and think it must be soft to the touch.

    Your skin is also in great shape–you can really see this in the picture with your mom. You look amazing there.

    I wish we lived next door. What I would love to do in a “makeover”:

    Gently–oh so gently and lightly–pluck the sparsest bits from the outside bottoms of your brows, and use pencil or brush to shape and slightly darken.your brows.

    In the same brown shade, add the thinnest kohl line (or eyeliner), but only to the outer third (or half) of your lower eyelid, just under your eyelashes. Myself, I use a wooden toothpick with the point nipped off, and dip it in a “kohl” pot.

    Mascara, of course. There. Eyes done, beauty!

    Now, your hair. You have a great face shape. It could be flattered more, I think, by a different haircut. I agree with you about keeping your bangs just over the brows, like in the photo with your mom–but think you should cut your other hair short all around. Longer in the front than the back–That keeps it more fun and feminine. I suggest as long as your chin in the front, and as short as the nape of your neck (your hairline) at the back, and just gradually slant around from back to front, tapering longer, following just under the jawline. (So, from the side, the bottom ends will appear to slope downhill, back to front.) It’s sort of a Roaring 20’s-style.

    I have a girlfriend who has this cut, and it is SO flattering on her. I think it will be that way on you, too. Ask others and see what they think, and then ask yourself, and see what YOU think. The big advantage is that it poufs up the body of your hair without major effort on your part, and makes it swing like a Breck girl : )

    I think it, and you, will look gorgeous. Of course, I could be wrong, in which case I will run and hide until it grows out!

    If you get brave and try this, I suggest being a bit bolder with blush, too: You have, as mentioned, a really good face shape you’re not bringing out. No blush should go in the part of your cheeks you suck in. It should go on the hard bony sticky-out parts. If you put some there, especially with that cut–

    Girl! I would LOVE to see you! Ugly? Hah!

    • What a thoughtful comment! Thank you for all the tips. My eyebrows are a constant work in process. They grow so FAST and if not kept up on, I look like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings! I am also planning to get the hair chopped for summer! It is currently to the middle of my back, but it is too thin to wear that long. Thanks again for the comment!

  2. Okay, that fringe (I think you call them bangs) might be considered a crime. HOWEVER, I see nothing on the outside of you that is not beautiful. Your smile glows and your eyes light up with your smile. They say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. I reckon they’re showing just how beautiful you truly are. 🙂

    • My daughter says I should grow out the bangs, but when I go to get a trim, I am told to keep them as I have a long face. They also add that they cover wrinkles. My bangs are not usually as short as in this picture though! I have 2 cowlicks (funny word) and one happens to be on the bangs! It is so hard to tame them! Thank you for the kind words.

  3. I’ve never been able to figure out why the outside packaging is so important. It’s strange how the world’s most attractive person isn’t necessarily kind, a good listener, has an appreciation of the ‘real’ things in life. I think you are gorgeous because of what I know about your character and personality. ❤ ❤ ❤

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